Mostly photos and photo albums captured in Norway during WWII. But there will always be section of photos and photo albums from around the world.

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Junkers Ju 88 - Fornebu, Oslo 1940      Trondheim. Tatt ovenfor Klett      Julefeiring på Vikhammer        Oslo - Ekeberg krigskirkegård  
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Negativsamling/Negatives 1./13. MG-BtlEn mengde negativer fra 1./13 MG btl.
Albumene er gitt navn etter negativboksen de lå i. Det behøver ikke å stemme overens med bildene.

Several hundred negatives from a soldier who served in 1./13. MG btl.
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Deutchland - Rorup


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Vormarsch Dänemark - Norwegen


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MG-Batallion13 - pictures froma diseased neighbour


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FASTNACHT2-g.JPGMG-Batallion13 - pictures froma diseased neighbour1191 viewsOct 24, 2014
MG13-720.jpgDeutchland559 viewsJul 24, 2011
MG13-642.jpgTheley693 viewsJul 23, 2011
MG13-543.jpgKiestinki554 viewsJul 17, 2011

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FASTNACHT2-g.JPGCarneval 1941 at Repparfjord503 viewsOct 24, 2014
FASTNACHT1-g.JPGCarneval 1941 at Repparfjord491 viewsIt is a bit strange that even carneval parades were not really welcome by the Nazi's in germany this unit did their own far far away from home.Oct 24, 2014
Fische.JPGfishery harbour569 viewsI think this picture belonged to a Hammerfest/Honingsvag/Repparfjord photo series. It must be taken when MG-Bataillon 13 already had the Edelweiss badges of the mountain troops but before my neighbour visited the technical inspector school in summer 1942 in germany.Jul 29, 2014
Katzen.JPGButchering cats500 viewsI don't know where and when. But there are no Edelweiss badges so MG-Bataillon 13 was not already moved to the mountain troops. I don't know why they are butchering cats. At this time of the war their wasn't hunger. Accidently shoot them while on guard? Trying to hunt and shot cats instead hares? I saw a similiar picture taken in africa, but showing an antelope. From the africa picture i know that the person was drafted before finishing his apprentice as a butcher and he had to prove his knowledge in front of a comitee to do his journeyman's examinationJul 29, 2014

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MG13-216.jpg762 views
MG13-221.jpg750 views
NBFZ.JPGNeubaufahrzeug673 viewsNeubaufahrzeug Nr.8 (visible on main turret) near Lillehammer in april 1940. It is defect and blocks the vehicles from probably staff of MG-Batallion 13
MG13-352.jpgHågbrua651 viewsVed Hågåbrua, nord for Støren; Knut_K1 comments

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MG13-163.jpgAlta219 viewsNov 27, 2023 at 01:06 PM
MG13-525.jpg206 viewsNov 26, 2023 at 10:44 PM
MG13-527.jpg284 viewsNov 26, 2023 at 10:44 PM
MG13-524.jpg230 viewsNov 26, 2023 at 10:44 PM

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MG13-203.jpg472 views1 comments01/15/17 at 12:05EspenA: M/S Bretagne, bygget i 1937 for Fred. Olsen & Co, ...
MG13-143.jpgSvenske skip384 viewsFartøyene på bildet er svenske patruljebåter, vedettbåter. Nærmest, HMS Vesta (V54), HMS Altair (V45) og HMS Sirius (V36). Disse ble bygget tidlig på 1900-tallet som torpedobåter og ble på 1920-tallet klassifisert som vedettbåter. Fartøyet til høyre i bildet er trolig hjelpe-vedettbåten HMS Klagshamn (V332), en slepebåt bygget för AB Skånska Cementgjuteriet, Limhamn i 1905. Fotografiet ser ut til å være tatt på havnen i Trelleborg, Sverige; EspenA1 comments12/10/16 at 14:27EspenA: Fartøyene på bildet er svenske patruljebåter, vede...
BMW.JPGPortait of my neighbour457 viewsThink this photo was done when MG-Bataillon 13 was moved away from the french border to be re-organized for Weserübung at the city of Magdeburg. Normal plans were to do a quick advance from Korsör to Kopenhagen and stay there. Only the heavy losses with Blücher and other ships brought the MG-Bataillon to Norway as a quick and close (Denmark) replacement.1 comments09/26/16 at 13:28EspenA: BMW R35 motorsykkel.
Rosen1.JPGCarneval or a norwegian driving the winter out ritual395 viewsCarneval or a norwegian driving the winter out ritual?1 comments10/22/14 at 14:45chattius: I found a letter recently: They are celebrating Fa...

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